Our ShopTrack software has been developed and used at our shop since 2018. We have now decided to release this package through the Windows Store so that other small to medium sized repair businesses can take advantage of the ease of tracking customers, jobs, parts and labor, sales tax information, and other items needed for repair businesses.

Whether you run an automotive shop, body shop, motorcycle, boat shop, or any other repair shop that needs to be able to track vehicles or equipment by serial or VIN numbers, ShopTrack may be right for you. ShopTrack can track individual customers or fleet accounts and any number of vehicles owned by the customer limited only by your available disk space.

ShopTrack prints invoices and allows you to create and print estimates. It saves estimates and allows you to turn them into a new job with the click of a button. Using this feature will create a new customer account if needed, and add the vehicle to the database if it does not exist, and start a new job for that customer and vehicle. Invoices are stored after printing, and can be viewed or reprinted on demand. Each vehicle or equipment also has a service history that can be recalled at any time.

Although ShopTrack is not a full fledged accounting package, it does calculate totals for parts and labor by month, year, and year to date. It also keeps track of sales tax by month, quarter, and year. Additionally, it can keep track of in house credit accounts if you decide to offer credit to customers.

ShopTrack Main screen
Job Detail page
Estimate page
Credit accounts